The farmer is of primary importance

Starting today, you are going to check the facts. Knowledge is power, after all. Satellites measure data on the crops on your fields. Using the newest in modern technologies, these data from space are translated into information that you can use directly, and that you can find on The information is accurate, highly detailed, reliable, and on time. This way, you can improve your crop yield even as your crops are still growing.

A variety of data
You mark the borders of your crops online, per field, and we calculate the area. You select the information that you would like to receive.

The basic package consists of the following parameters:
- leaf area index (LAI) and vegetation index
- evaporation (actual evapotranspiration, evaporation deficit)
- nitrogen content (absorbed nitrogen, and nitrogen concentration in the top leaf layer)
- biomass production
- biomass water use efficiency (kg / m2)
- leaf area index (LAI) and vegetation index
This complete package costs only 110 ZAR per hectare, for the entire season (October 1st - April 30st).

Data is refreshed weekly.   

Dashboard and details
Your data are shown in an easy-to-read manner on your own dashboard, including meters. Each field's individual page shows all parameters in detail, including an overview chart and a dynamic map. If you like, you can also allow your consultant to view this information online (module available within a few months). You get to decide, you're the one turning the dials. 

Your consultant participates
The larger agricultural organisations take part in, to aid you. Per field, you select your organisation from a menu. Click here for more information on the participating organisations.